The Art of Seeing: Lipstick & Lace Photography

Nov 02, 2023

Amid the placid backdrop of Louisville and its surrounding counties, an innovative spirit began to blossom. Jessica Mattingly, the force behind Lipstick & Lace Photography, was not just capturing memorable moments but evoking the unadulterated beauty of the human spirit. Her photography is rooted in a deeply personal narrative challenging the societal norms of beauty.

Facing adversities, including a daunting battle with breast cancer, forged her mission. Jessica recognized the transformative potential inherent in photography - a medium to reflect people's core beauty, strength, and spirit, unshackled by societal judgments.

Why Lipstick & Lace Photography?

Experience: Jessica's 20-year nursing career has shaped her empathetic communication style. Accolades: She is a three-time bronze recipient from The Portrait Masters and has secured 3rd place in Leo’s Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Photographer.

Reliability: An extensive portfolio of clients testifies to the enriching and comfortable experience she provides.

Discover Our Offerings:

For just $450, indulge in a luxurious photographic journey offering:

A pre-session consultation to design your perfect photoshoot. Professional hairstyling and makeup to accentuate your inherent beauty. An extensive client wardrobe collection. Multiple outfit changes to highlight the many layers of your persona. 2-3 hours of dedicated, artistic shooting. Advanced editing techniques to bring out the finest details. Our product range celebrates elegance:

Luxury, high-quality lay-flat albums. Handmade reveal boxes crafted in Italy. Stunning wall art in metal and canvas mediums.

Our Clientele:

We cater primarily to women aged 35-55, assisting them in documenting their evolving identities and legacies. At a juncture of self-discovery, these women are actively molding their health and appearance, searching for a mirrored reflection of their renewed spirit and beauty.

Lipstick & Lace Photography offers them the opportunity to commemorate their journey, whether as an invaluable gift for a loved one or a testament to their personal evolution.

Engage With Us:

Embark on a journey of self-discovery. Visit and explore the transformative power of photography in unveiling your beauty, strength, and legacy.