Shaping Safety, Stitch by Stitch: Chris & Overdrive K9 Detection's Stand Against Substance Abuse

Oct 25, 2023

In the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, a story of strength, resilience, and dedication unfolds with Chris Johnson, owner of Overdrive K9 Detection. Driven by his past experiences in the military, fire service, and law enforcement, as well as a personal and familial history marked by substance abuse, Johnson has turned adversity into a mission for public good.

At Overdrive K9 Detection, he has combined his history of public service and personal journey to shape a unique venture. "My motivation," he shares, "is to provide safety and solutions to my community by taking a frontline approach in fighting substance abuse. The past is what has carved the path for my business today."

With his passion anchored in personal experience, Johnson is resolved to channel his enterprise into combating substance abuse in both youth and adults. His brand is not limited to its operational functionalities; it stands as an embodiment of hope and recovery. Proceeds from the gear, accessories, and soon-to-be-launched apparel line serve to financially support semiannual recovery events and centers aiding in substance abuse recovery.

"Substance abuse has affected multiple people in my life. I have lost loved ones, seen others struggle, and I have struggled myself," he reveals. His passion for his industry is deeply rooted in these experiences that have honed his resolve to create an aggressive yet effective solution that can be deployed within his community.

But it's not just about the services offered; trust plays a critical role. As he explains: "Our operations run in a civilian capacity. My K9 partner is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency. If we find any items of concern during our searches, we advise the client of the situation and leave the final action up to them."

The comprehensive range of services offered includes K9 searches for narcotics, firearms, and explosives; interactive educational demonstrations; security consultation; and intervention services or advice with each residential discovery. In line with his community-focused approach, these services are offered at an affordable price that varies based on size and frequency.

In essence, Overdrive K9 Detection's target audience spans everyone desiring a safer world. Johnson adds: "Our demographic includes concerned parents or partners, communities as a whole, recovery centers, schools, businesses and so on. We strive to make people feel safer in today's precarious world and provide comfort for those affected by substance abuse."

The tale of Chris Johnson and Overdrive K9 Detection is inspiring: a man overcoming personal adversity to safeguard his community from the perils of substance abuse. As we wrap up our conversation, his last words echo strongly: "I want people to feel safer in today's world and know they are not alone." This serves as a beacon of hope in our collective fight against substance abuse, validating the idea that personal hardships can indeed be transformed into a force of positive change.

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Published by: Platinum Solutions, LLC